KALEU is an independent, true phase space generator. After providing it with some information about the field theory and the particular multi-particle scattering process under consideration, it returns importance sampled random phase space points. Providing it also with the total weight of each generated phase space point, it further adapts to the integration problem on the fly. It is written in Fortran, such that it can independently deal with several scattering processes in parallel.

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Andreas van Hameren

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Software Download

KALEU Current Version 10.12.12 (13 December 2010):  Kaleu101212.tgz

Version 10.06.19:  Kaleu100619.tgz

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The following paper should be cited while using KALEU package

Kaleu: a general-purpose parton-level phase space generator
A. van Hameren
arXiv:1003.4953 [hep-ph]

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News & Developments

Changes in Kaleu Version 10.12.12

     Extended standalone examples added

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Contact us

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or bug report, please e-mail us at:


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